About Us

Spa Organics Australia


At Spa Organics Australia, our philosophy is down-to-earth with the following beliefs:

  • Know what the ingredients are and how they are being made.
  • Natural or organic products do not need to be expensive.
  • Against animal testing and any form of cruelty.
  • Happiness and health are correlated.
  • Being environmentally responsible.

Spa Organics Australia aims to source and produce the best Australian products for people who want to take good care of their health and wellbeing.  We understand and share people’s experiences of skin irritations and health concerns and would want to share the best available Australian made natural aromatherapy and natural/organic body care products that we should use.  We choose not to have any carcinogenic and/or irritant properties in our products and we don’t pay big dollars for brands that contain all the harmful chemicals. We only believe in the inner beauty of the ingredients used – derived from nature.

We want our products applied on our skin to be 100% natural and when possible, certified organic. We carefully select and evaluate each addition to our range based on these attributes – trusted brand reputation, natural or organic ingredients, environmental friendly packaging and not tested on animals. Our specially selected range of products DO NOT CONTAIN – Sulphates,  Parabens, Petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, or other harsh ingredients or artificial fragrances. All products are 100% Made in Australia meant to care for your skin and enhance the relaxation experience at home.