Natural Soy Melts

Soy melts made of soybeans which is NATURAL and BIODEGRADABLE. Our soy melts are 100% soy candles which meet FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) and Kosher Certification standards. They are made of pure soybeans (100% vegetable) which are non-toxic to our body. Advantages of using our Soy Melts:

*Can be cleaned easily with hot soapy water.
*Have a strong lasting natural scent released into the air.
*Totally NATURAL – other types of candles releases harmful vapors like carcinogens (cancer causing agent).
*Biodegradable and renewable.
*Free from pesticides and herbicides.

Soy melts generally produce the strongest scent throw compared to the other types of candles.
Directions: Just place 1 soy melt in our electric vaporizer or oil burner. Pour it away ONLY when fragrance is gone.